About I Am by Infobeing

The I Am by Infobeing Foundation was established in the United States as a Washington State 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation. Our charter is to use technology to spread spiritual teachings and to provide members of our community with new opportunities to practice and to live their faith.

Our faith is rooted in the knowledge that our true identity is consciousness, love, spirit. In spirit, we are connected as one and are free to communicate, serve, and to connect with each other without interference.

Our faith is based on the knowledge that love, consciousness, spirit, and God are all the same thing – what we are.

Our faith is based on the knowledge of unity. Our practice of worship is to remove the separation between people and to act lovingly.

Our faith is based on the knowledge that to give or to create is the same act as to receive. Therefore, our form of worship is based on the spiritual principles of “karma yoga” or selfless action and service to others.

More detail concerning our spiritual mission is contained in the daily blog feature of the mobile app.

Users of “I am” by Infobeing agree that they are part of a faith-based community and agree to treat each other with love and respect.
The “I am” by Infobeing mobile app contains no paid advertising. We are not directly offering products or service to our users. We will not profit from or use your data to sell to any third party. We love and accept each of our users and welcome you to our charitable community with open arms.

Contact us at support@infobeing.com