Creating new connections & relationships to maximize your success.


Inside Sales On-demand

We'll arrange high-value, executive-level introductions as a seamless extention of your organization.

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Personal Referral Program

We'll personally reach out under the Infobeing brand to get you referred and introduced to the right people.

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I Am by Infobeing Mobile App

Mobile consumer app that helps you meet the right person to fulfill any need.


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Just a few examples of our 75+ projects.


  • A leading automation platform vendor has relied upon us over the past 3 years to arrange 1-2 onsite meetings per day.
  • 3 of the top eCommerce Platform vendors have used our services to grow the funnel.
  • Dozens of MSP's, Digital Agencies and Software Designers have run successful, long-term campaigns to grow their business.
  • We've served clients in eCommerce, CRM, eHealth, Malware, Digital Marketing, HR, Finance, and many other industries.
  • The introductions we arrange routinely result in multi-million dollar deals.

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